A Prisoner for the Lord

I’ve been writing a lot, lately. Sometimes just for myself. Other times tapping out ideas for a book. It’s been helpful to free write, knowing no one else will see. So today when I sat down for devotions, I felt like the Lord really spoke to my heart. I wrote it down in my journal, and thought I should post my thoughts here. Something short. Simple. Maybe it will bless someone.

Ephesians 4:1

Lately I’ve been feeling stuck. Imprisoned. And an opportunity has come that looks like escape. Freedom.

But Paul gladly and willingly made himself a bondservant – a slave – to Jesus. He sought not his own will. He yielded not to his own desires or what appeared practical – but he asked for God’s will and abandoned himself to it.

What might’ve looked like chains was in fact liberty. And Paul knew this. Paul lived it.

So I ask myself today, do I trust the Lord if His will means something totally different than my own? Will I yield to Him through the fire? Will I trust His calling and walk in a manner worthy of it?

Isaiah 32:17

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  1. The sacrificing of self is the hardest act of obedience because it is that, that makes us the most like Christ.
    Glad to hear that you are writing still.

  2. Deborah says:

    Thank you, Jacqui, for the perfect Birthday present, the Word of God.

    • Debbie, I’m just now realizing I never responded to this!! Happy Birthday way, way late! And thanks for being so sweet to encourage me!

  3. Learning to walk obediently and trust Him fully has been a life long journey for me. Praying you are well. Have a blessed Easter!

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