Believing: He Makes All Things Beautiful In Its Time

He Makes All Things Beautiful in Its TimeLast year at Allume, Phil Vischer, co-founder of Veggie Tales, gave his testimony – not of his salvation, but of God crushing a dream and making a man. It was powerful, encouraging, humbling…and I can’t help but think of him today. His example of humility when God took his success at its pinnacle and led him down a path of loss and bankruptcy.

You see, I’ve been silent here, because it’s been a tough season (and if you’ve been around these parts long, you know trials aren’t out-of-the-ordinary for me). Our current hardship has to do with my husband’s fence company.

Last year he joined a contractor’s association which allowed him to pursue more work in the commercial industry. With the economy, residential jobs haven’t been booming. In the spring, everything looked great on the books – a constant load of commercial work that would provide more than our needs. But as time progressed, jobs got delayed more and more, until all of sudden, he had six huge projects going at once and not enough money to float it all. But he’s persevered, working six days a week, from before sunup till sundown, and he’s exercised extraordinary faith. I’ve been proud of him, and emotionally, I’ve been with him though it all. Days where I’ve been discouraged and doubtful, but then overwhelmed with the peace and assurance of God. He’ll get us through.

And this season has been going strong since July…since I found out I was pregnant. And I had to laugh at God’s impeccable timing. When I’d be most needy in the first trimester with nausea, exhaustion, and depression my husband would be most absent and consumed with work. But God has given amazing peace, and I’ve found His Word true – “As thy days, so shall thy strength be,” (Deuteronomy 33:25).

Again, I can’t help but snicker at how our current life could read like Paul’s (in meter, not in the same types of suffering) when he recounts his trials in 2 Corinthians 11:26-28. Yes, I could say we’ve been in perils of a law-suit, in perils with shady business men, in perils of taking the loop-hole (as many others do) or act with integrity, in perils of threatening, in perils of fines and fees, in perils of others deception and being taken advantage of. Yes, in weariness and toil, in sleeplessness often…besides the other things that come upon us daily.

And so, when my husband called with today’s news, I wasn’t completely shocked. We’ve been alert through these trials. We’ve seen many of them coming. And I really do think this news is the final mounting threat – the one that could do us in, leading to the bankruptcy of our business…that’s how I got to thinking about Phil Vischer.

Now, I trust the Lord. I know He’ll get us through, and I actually believe He’s not going to lead us to bankruptcy. Thus far, He’s been faithful to get us over each hurdle, and I can’t explain the peace I have, except for that still, small voice. I’m not saying that I know what the future holds, but I do know that even if God chooses to crush it all, we’d still see His power in the making of a man and a woman, and there’s no use worrying over tomorrow. Today’s enough trouble of its own – really, I’ve got sick kids at home; I’m sick myself, but we’ve got food in the pantry, a roof over our heads, and a family that loves one another. Most of all, we’ve got a faithful God.

When I hung up the phone with my husband, I looked at my five-year-old girl, and asked her if we could pray for daddy. Not wanting to worry her, but to teach her faith, I explained in kindergarten terms that daddy’s having problems at work and if he can’t solve them, he’s going to owe a lot of money that we don’t have. Daddy needs wisdom and God’s provision. And as she curled up in my lap, we brought our needs to Jesus.

Afterwards, she ran to her room, grabbed her piggy bank, and with beaming smile, offered it all – noting even the dollar grandma and grandpa just gave her. And I can’t help but break at seeing God build faith in our daughter. Doesn’t that make it worth it?

Our children are watching. Others are watching. And they’ll know if we’re carrying the worry and the fear, if we’re silent and clam up – they’ll see that example.

My husband, he’s been doing a good job. I know he doesn’t always think so, but our little sweetie’s a testimony; he’s leading our family well, and I’m proud of him.

So if you think of us, please pray that we’d have the wisdom needed to keep going (really, my husband needs it more) and the faith to keep trusting. We know – and we believe – in His time, He’s making all things beautiful. Today, I’m glad I can see that – especially as I remember the beauty of humility in the testimony of Phil Vischer.

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  1. Oh, sweet, sweet friend!!! You have been on my heart as I have been missing you. You know I will be praying. Wish I lived close by so that I could take care of you!!!
    And yes, God’s timing IS perfect, but sometimes it is harder to see than at others. Just know that you are loved- so very much!!

    • Thank you so much, Becky. In talking to my husband tonight, it sounds like he’s got things figured out, at least for now – he’s just got to keep up with the pace of the project he’s on and keep really good records. I really do think the Lord is going to work it all out. It’s just going to continue being stressful for the next several weeks – so we’re walking by faith, not by sight. And I miss you, too, friend. I haven’t been keeping up much, lately. But your love and prayers mean more than you know. Blessings and much love to you!!

  2. I remember hearing a take on the radio about Phil’s testimony and bankruptcy and Veggie Tales. I will definitely pray for you guys. It sounds so un-spiritual, but there is something about money stress that keeps you up at night, like nothing else. Press on with faith. Press on faith. That is what we are called to do. God does the rest.

    • Oh, yes, money stress is no fun at all. But God’s been so faithful to us as we’ve dealt with issue after issue the last couple months. So yes, your prayers are so appreciated. Thank you, friend!

  3. Oh Jacqui, I’ve missed you. First of all, thank you for sharing. As I was reading, the Lord showed me that you and your husband have great faith. He said to continue to lean into Him and trust Him. He will bring you through. I remember when my husband was struggling through unemployment and we lost our house, had to sell cars, etc. just to survive it was hard. And although we’ve been on the verge of bankruptcy since then a few times, so far we’ve been able to stay afloat. God IS faithful! Your precious little girl’s offering of her piggy bank brought tears to my eyes. What faith! I am praying for you and your husband!

  4. Jacqui, I am asking our Jehovah Jireh to show up BIG for you and your husband (and family). I pray He continues to provide the strength you need to get through your days and that He would bless your faithfulness. It sounds like you are in a place of complete and utter trust – and that is a testimony that will be heard loudly by those watching you all walk through this (especially your littles!). Thank you for sharing this here, so that we can have the honor of praying for you and your family. Big hugs!

  5. I’ve learned so much about God’s provision and blessing this year. He strengthens our faith!!! I’m so glad you’re sharing; I’ve been reading every post even though we haven’t been able to chat in awhile. <3

  6. Praying for you and for your family, friend. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Jacqui,

    Thinking of you today and wondering how you are doing. Praying for you and your family. Thanks for sharing your story. I miss your writing.


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