Five Minute Friday with The Gypsy Mama: 1 day late!

Recently, I was watching Smallville with my husband. A friend got us hooked on the series and after months of library visits for season after season, we finally made it through about 230 episodes!! You’d think we were TV junkies, but it’s actually all we’ve watched. 
There’s a part in the last episode where Clark Kent realizes what it means to move into the future while carrying his past. He’s already made so many sacrifices, saved hundreds of people, and faced the ugliest of foes, but this is his defining moment, the moment that he truly embraces his destiny. Though I wouldn’t call it the most amazing series finale, I truly loved this aspect. 

Everything in our lives is shaping us into the person God destines us to be. He designed that father and that mother, that best friend, that lost love, that perfect mate, that trial…it all shapes us and molds us into the very image of God. We can’t move forward without embracing our past and all it’s disappointments…all it’s special moments, words of encouragement, divine appointments. Though we can’t dwell in or on our past, we also can’t forget it. Somehow we have to learn that all of life’s events have prepared us to move into our destiny, and when we can carry the truth of our past into our present, it very well could be our first true act of bravery.

Disclaimer: This 5-minute Friday was reshaped many times. I cheated! I just couldn’t do it this week:) 
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