Just Because (giving thanks in photos & links)

Lately, it’s been hard to find time to sit down and write. Mostly because it means I have to think through a whole post, and with three young ones in tow, I’m just not good at it. However, I enjoy snapping pictures, and we’ve always got lots going on, so I thought I’d share a little of our life – Just Because. Really, it doubles as my list of thanks.

#1 – Our Lydia at two months (but she just turned three months). She’s the best baby! Sleeps fairly well, rarely cries, gives lots of smiles, coos and gurgles. I am blessed!My Lydia

#2 – The whole family on Easter Sunday – captured with the timer on my camera. This photo inspired me to finally grow out my bangs. Sometimes I like them, sometimes I don’t!

Our Family

#3 – The release of our butterfly garden on May Day.


#4 –  My sweet girl turned six this month and we had a fun watercolor birthday party – inspired by thehademadehome.net And it was fun thinking up a new project for the kids to paint. I took freezer paper, cut out a stencil, ironed it to watercolor paper, and when they peeled it off after painting, they had a cute work of art to hang on the wall.




#5 – Making memories and wishing on dandelions



#6 – Fun with the geodes my mom gave the kids to break open.


#7 – Okay, so this quilt has been in the making for about 5 years!! I had a friend come over Friday night and we were talking about the quilt she just finished. I brought this out to tell her how long I’ve been working on it. I didn’t think I liked it anymore, but seeing it again, I realized I do like it, and now it’s my goal to finish by the end of summer!! We will see – seems like more than enough time!IMG_6149

#8 – This one’s for you, Leah, even though you have kids and I know you understand! I find this is my life, no matter what goals I set. Super funny!

# 9 – This post by my friend Amanda – To the Momma of Little Ones
When I’ve got dreams in my heart, but mothering my kids is the most profitable work. Probably even the most blessed work. Love this that she just put up today!

Linking up with Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience for Multitudes on Mondays. A community I haven’t joined in for so long, that I decided to start counting all over again.

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  1. Beautiful babes and list of thanks!

  2. Beautiful pictures and a great way to capture your blessings! Visiting you from Ann’s place and coin ting blessings along with you!

  3. You should “just because” more often!! Love it!
    And I had to laugh, because I have been working on a quilt for Lindsay for 7 years!!!!!!!!!!! You have reminded me that I just need to get it done (although it will be for Ainsley now!!!).
    And bangs or no bangs, you are lovely!!

    • Haha, Becky! You make me feel better. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever finish, but I’m doing it now! :) Blessings, friend.

  4. Lydia is beautiful. And the water color party sounds like so much fun. So nice to hear from you.

  5. aahhhhh… watercolors. need to be doing more of that. Enjoyed reading over your thanks and photos today. :-)

  6. I so enjoyed this post and the pictures! I think you’ve inspired me to do one of my own. And my goodness, thank you dear friend! Perhaps you didn’t share it for me, but it sure does encourage :)

  7. What a sweet baby – that smile! And those watercolors are frame-worthy. I love decorating my place with the kids’ art put in affordable IKEA frames ($3 I think). I watched that video yesterday on Faith It, I think. So accurate! It’s been a few years for me but I still remember. Now I just feel sorry for people who aren’t blessed with little ones.

  8. Oh, my, Lydia’s smile :) swoon adorable :) Great family photos, too…thanks for sharing your photos, Jacqui :)

  9. So, I have been away.
    Loved seeing all the family pics, and Lydia is adorable.
    I told you, having three kids puts you over the edge, (kids outnumbering adults= chaos} but our third, Lydia was such a good baby, which was a huge blessing. It took me awhile to get that youtube video loaded but got it eventually…very worth it; so funny! The only time I post lately is with 5minfri, and that is not even every week. Even though I am out of the needy baby/toddler stage, the older kid-more self sufficient stage is a really hard stage to maneuver I am finding out, because you get lulled into the false sense that “I can get my life back” No you can’t! I am still very much needed to be present, fully present {the Ann Voskamp way that is }, with only the most smallest and simple and carefully prayed over baby steps out towards my “own life”, which is not my own either, but Christ’s. This is turning into a letter. Sorry. I should just email you. Good reading you again.
    Cheers friend!

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