On Family and Meekness

IMG_7590These are my beautiful kids. They make me laugh…and they make me cry. My son—he looks so studious in the polo he wore for the first day of school. Maybe he is a little. He has a mind to learn. My sweet girl—she just loves being silly.


IMG_7030Then, there’s my baby girl with her buttery rolls and bright smile. She’s saying “mama” and “dada” now, but it doesn’t seem intentional.


IMG_7177Finally, there’s my husband. I’m sure he doesn’t even know I have this picture, and he’d probably die if he did (not in an embarrassed way, but in a, “That’s an awful picture. Delete it,”—kind of way). I know I haven’t said it here, but he got a new job. I’m proud of him. The Lord provided it. From the company pursuing him, all the way up to the CEO, CFO interviews. Almost from the moment he got hired, his name was on the website and business cards ordered.

Much different than some other experiences…when belief in him was absent. Through which, I’ve seen the Lord work meekness in him.

Then there’s the very meekness of Jesus. Power under control. Though He had the authority, the power, to be ferocious—a lion in His judgment—”He was led as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent, so He opened not His mouth,” (Isaiah 53:7).

And He sends us out like sheep in the midst of wolves, so be “wise as serpents. As gentle as doves” (Matthew 10:16). Now, that takes meekness.

Maybe this all sounds random, but I think I can draw out the not-so-meek side of my hubby. Yep, probably more than anyone else. What’s funny, is he’s pulled out the meek side of me—more than anyone else. I am the exact opposite of meek. Fiery. My husband tames me. He challenges my thinking with the Word of God and His character. He’s shown me Jesus in so many ways—but especially in his meekness.

And it’s a great leader who is meek.

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  1. Grandma Grant says:

    Mike is so many ways like his G.G.Grandpa Paul who I always remembers as a very gentle,patient and loving man, father and husband. My mother like you said of your self was a very fiery person and I still today hear my father saying “now mama” and would calm her down. He could get angry but it took a LOT to get him that way, mostly if someone was hurting his loved one’s. Grandpa Grant and I are so proud of Mike and of the both of you, you have such as loving and beautiful family.

  2. Deede (Dianna Harris) says:

    Jacqui, it is good to recognize Mike as a great man. Love hearing he is a meek yet a strong father and husband to you all. We could see early on that Mike adored you and his love has healed you into a beautiful woman and mother. So HAPPY for you all and stay focused on the LORD and LOVE with all your might. Love you and GOD BLESS you all. Keep up the fabulous journaling.

  3. Denise Fink says:

    You have an amazing writing talent that God has given you and it is wonderful to see you following his calling. Yes Mike does remind me of his Grandpa Paul in character and strength. You both have gone through such trials, struggles, and great times holding on to each other and have the most amazing children. I am proud of both of you and have all the love in the world for the adorable grandchildren you have given me. Love you.

  4. Jacqui, it seems like you are saying that your man brings out qualities in you that you might never intentionally draw out of yourself? And I get that! My husband, and children, together with my own natural personality traits, come together to make a muti-faceted gem of a family. :) I can’t believe how big that sweet baby has gotten!

  5. I love this post and your photos!
    It’s always refreshing to read woman praising their man, without it being in that super-christian-artificial-i-am-a-proverbs-31-wife-way!
    {you can use that saying if you want, i don’t own it…yet!}

  6. Beautiful tribute, sweet friend!!! And congratulations to your husband! Rejoicing with you!

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