One Word 2014


The whole month of December, I’ve known my one word for 2014. It just came to me – sat in my spirit, resonating. I prayed about it a lot, being a word I fear. One that can easily become a taskmaster, a burden. I know grace. I need grace.

Looking back, I see how God worked this into my heart even before Thanksgiving, when I sat in Bible Study and told my group that as odd as it sounds, for me right now, resting in the Lord means faithfulness with my daily tasks – like cleaning the kitchen – because I’ve been tired and it’s been hard.

Those ladies are hysterical. Gracious and loving. Our leader, who was filling in for the week laughed and said, “You’re pregnant! Don’t worry about the floors!”

I chuckled, saying, “Oh, I’m not worried about the floors! I just need to wash the dishes.”

Another lady suggested paper plates. To which I replied, “Yeah, I guess I need to go to Costco, because I can’t seem to keep them in the house.”

And our leader, again, laughing, said, “Well, when I was pregnant, I considered it a huge accomplishment to feed my kids in the morning.”

And that was the end of it for me and my friend sitting next to me. I looked at her, and knowing my thoughts, together we burst into laughter.

The week before, I forgot to feed my kids! I don’t know how I did it. I woke up early, ate some toast while finishing my Bible Study, and off we went. The kids never even said anything. It wasn’t till halfway to the church that I realized they hadn’t eaten. We swung through Starbucks and the two of them shared a ham breakfast sandwich in the hallway before their classes.

Yes, I think I need my one word: Diligent.

I know I’m going to fail and I know my personality…always holding higher expectations than what’s realistic. But I also know that I’ve been letting some things slide. A little more commitment might help me stay on top of all I have in my heart.

On the other hand, I’ve also been one to obsess over structure, breaking my twenty-four hours into thirty minute blocks, and scheduling my whole week – only to eventually loathe that calendar and view it as a constant reminder of my failure.

So I know there’s a balance…somewhere. Where I pick up and keep going, but don’t have to plan everything perfectly.

And on the night of my thirty-fifth birthday, I woke up, my mind stirring, my heart breaking over all I wished I’d done different. I wrote a short little stanza, something I never finished, but still calls out in my heart:

          Your whole life long you will hear, “Do, do, do!”
          But the battle cry of the Christian is: “Be, Be, Be!”
          Because if you are being, then you will be doing the will of God.

And this is my goal – where freedom is found. The focus on being, not doing. The focus on faithfulness to God. Faithfulness in my character. Faithfulness in raising my children, in loving my husband. Naturally, the other things will fall into place.

So as I think upon my one word, this word diligent, I see how connected it is to just being – being in Jesus. Seeking Him daily. Honoring that which He lays on my heart.

I’ve still got goals. Plans I’ve laid out and asked the Lord to direct. And I know things will get switched up. Paths changed. But in the end, I hope to be found faithful this year. A little more diligent. A little more structured. Accomplishing more for the kingdom of God.

“See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil,” (Ephesians 5:15-16).

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  1. Oh your beautiful heart! I love this, “And this is my goal – where freedom is found. The focus on being, not doing. The focus on faithfulness to God. Faithfulness in my character. Faithfulness in raising my children, in loving my husband. Naturally, the other things will fall into place.” I want to be more diligent in these things this year too! Have a beautiful week.

  2. Oh, friend!! I can so relate. But I LOVE the stanza you wrote. Love it! Choosing “one word” is such a beautiful thing, I think. It truly does keep focus. And diligent is a good word to pick. Can’t wait to see what this year holds for you (besides the obvious little one on the way! :) ).
    Thankful for you!!!

  3. “Being, not doing.” Yes, that is what I need to be diligent in. You’re words and your heart are sweet as always, friend.

  4. Love this, Jacqui. I thank God everyday for providing a community through which I could meet such an incredible sister. Praying for you as you diligently and earnestly pursue Him this year.

  5. I love this post Jacqui! Forgetting to feed your kids…that’s just too good. Your kids will probably always remember that starbucks ham sandwich. I love your stanzas of ” be not do”. Following Christ, living a life of excellence will never be a step by step plan or to do list. A loving relationship, though harder to define is ultimately the best. Be kind to yourself, Mama.

    • Leah, it’s funny how forgetful I can be when I’m pregnant or nursing. Once I took my son to church without shoes!! Thankfully, they weren’t going outside and he was only one, but it was one of those comical moments I’ll never forget. I think it was the next week another one of my friends did the same thing, so I felt a little better. And yes, relationship is what it’s all about, this following Christ. Thanks for the encouragement, friend. Love to you!

  6. I have missed you! This was such a fun post. I love your word. I wish you lived close by so I could crack up in Bible study with you! I adore the stanza you wrote. Amazing! Share some more stanzas with us. :)


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