One Who is with you Always

We drive through farmland as the sun makes its slide in the sky. It feels like the end of summer. Not the beginning of fall. My husband breathes deeply and asks with excitement, “Do you smell that?” It reminds him of visits with his grandma, when she’d fling open windows and doors, wafts of orchard air […]

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When Community Is All Because of Him

We’re still in jammies this morning, the heater’s going for the first time this year, and Pandora’s playing the Hillsong station. It’s cold, and it’s fall, and we’ve been going all week. All month in fact. So we’re having a lazy day – where homeschool consists of the six year old curled in a blanket, reading […]

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A God of Judgment or A God of Grace?

Last year, California entered a drought, and I remember someone saying they thought it was punishment for the choices our state’s been making. I listened, unsure how to respond, because it isn’t exactly wrong theology. The Bible reveals a God of judgment and a God of grace. So which is He? —— Right now there’s […]

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When Freedom Comes by Thanks

The wind tousles the trees. Shadows sway on the lawn, and all is infused with the coming of autumn. My heart infused with thanks. Thanks for our small garden with red ripe tomatoes. Thanks for the golden hill just beyond our house that I want to run in like Julie Andrews in The Sound of […]

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For Freedom

It feels like a new season for my family. For the longest time, I felt broken. I guess it was really only two and a half years, but they were very hard years. Some of the hardest I’ve faced in my life. And coming out of a dark season, I’ve seen that “it is for freedom […]

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On Family and Meekness

These are my beautiful kids. They make me laugh…and they make me cry. My son—he looks so studious in the polo he wore for the first day of school. Maybe he is a little. He has a mind to learn. My sweet girl—she just loves being silly. Then, there’s my baby girl with her buttery […]

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