When Freedom Comes by Thanks

The wind tousles the trees. Shadows sway on the lawn, and all is infused with the coming of autumn. My heart infused with thanks. Thanks for our small garden with red ripe tomatoes. Thanks for the golden hill just beyond our house that I want to run in like Julie Andrews in The Sound of […]

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For Freedom

It feels like a new season for my family. For the longest time, I felt broken. I guess it was really only two and a half years, but they were very hard years. Some of the hardest I’ve faced in my life. And coming out of a dark season, I’ve seen that “it is for freedom […]

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On Family and Meekness

These are my beautiful kids. They make me laugh…and they make me cry. My son—he looks so studious in the polo he wore for the first day of school. Maybe he is a little. He has a mind to learn. My sweet girl—she just loves being silly. Then, there’s my baby girl with her buttery […]

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It’s Time to be Consistent

Once again, I’ll say, “It’s been a long time!” But you won’t hear those words from me for awhile, because today, that’s changing. At the beginning of the year I made my One Word “diligent.” Well, originally, I’d intended that to encompass my blog, but as I focused on family and home, I set my […]

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Bloom—A Mother’s Credo

My front yard has few blooms this summer. It’s another thing I’ve let go, due to having too much on my plate. It makes me a little sad, because I love getting in morning sun, digging dirt, placing roots in soil, and refilling. I love tending and caring, as the world seems to slow down […]

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Just Because (giving thanks in photos & links)

Lately, it’s been hard to find time to sit down and write. Mostly because it means I have to think through a whole post, and with three young ones in tow, I’m just not good at it. However, I enjoy snapping pictures, and we’ve always got lots going on, so I thought I’d share a […]

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