When Looking Back Can Get You Stuck

Remember when Lot’s wife ignored the command of the Lord by looking back at Sodom and became a pillar of salt (Genesis 19:26)? Yeah, that’s the story I remembered when my world got shaken up as my husband and I were moving from our little green house. I loved that place. The neighborhood. The view […]

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To Enjoy God Forever

Yesterday I read that The Shorter Catechism says, “Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.” My husband tells me John Piper takes it a bit further, saying, “by enjoying him forever.” I nod a resounding yes. To both. Later, I listened to a sermon I’ve had in my podcasts, and […]

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A Prisoner for the Lord

I’ve been writing a lot, lately. Sometimes just for myself. Other times tapping out ideas for a book. It’s been helpful to free write, knowing no one else will see. So today when I sat down for devotions, I felt like the Lord really spoke to my heart. I wrote it down in my journal, […]

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Secure In His Love

I awaken to a gray morning. The horizon is clouded by a mist. In the quiet I hear the thrum of heat swooshing through vents. With morning brew steaming in one hand, I flip my little purple Bible to Ephesians. Beginning to read, my mind flashes back to high school. It was when I first […]

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In a Blink

I have had so much stirring in my heart, but I’ve been away. A little emotionally, a lot physically, and maybe even some spiritually. This year has been hectic! My husband worked out of town for most of January, which stretched into February, and pretty much went right up to my daughter’s due date. I’d […]

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Encouragement to a Mother’s Fear

I cried ugly when reading this letter from a twelve year old girl who died, and I’d like to say it’s because I’m pregnant….but maybe I’m just like that. Losing it a little! :) And when I closed the webpage, there reflecting on my screen was a picture of my two littles. Smiles wide. My […]

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