Secure In His Love

I awaken to a gray morning. The horizon is clouded by a mist. In the quiet I hear the thrum of heat swooshing through vents. With morning brew steaming in one hand, I flip my little purple Bible to Ephesians. Beginning to read, my mind flashes back to high school. It was when I first […]

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In a Blink

I have had so much stirring in my heart, but I’ve been away. A little emotionally, a lot physically, and maybe even some spiritually. This year has been hectic! My husband worked out of town for most of January, which stretched into February, and pretty much went right up to my daughter’s due date. I’d […]

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Encouragement to a Mother’s Fear

I cried ugly when reading this letter from a twelve year old girl who died, and I’d like to say it’s because I’m pregnant….but maybe I’m just like that. Losing it a little! :) And when I closed the webpage, there reflecting on my screen was a picture of my two littles. Smiles wide. My […]

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Fight {A Five Minute Friday on a Wednesday}

When my husband Justin passed away, I’d take long, breathless jogs along a trail that paralleled the canal. In a lot of ways, it became my therapy. The feel of the wind chapping my cheeks. The mountains sprawled across the horizon at the vista. The dirt kicked up under my feet, and the smell of […]

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One Word 2014

The whole month of December, I’ve known my one word for 2014. It just came to me – sat in my spirit, resonating. I prayed about it a lot, being a word I fear. One that can easily become a taskmaster, a burden. I know grace. I need grace. Looking back, I see how God […]

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Merry Christmas!

So it’s been a LONG time!! I really do want to get back to writing, but it’s been much too busy a season. Really, with pregnancy, my mind just doesn’t work the same, and I’m a little unpredictable with my emotions! :) But I did write a Christmas letter this year, and I wanted to share […]

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