When Community Is All Because of Him

We’re still in jammies this morning, the heater’s going for the first time this year, and Pandora’s playing the Hillsong station. It’s cold, and it’s fall, and we’ve been going all week. All month in fact. So we’re having a lazy day – where homeschool consists of the six year old curled in a blanket, reading all by herself under the window. And we try to capture fall in our lives. Its winding down and cozying up.




But spirits are extra high when the soul’s singing worship to God, and the baby sits there never trying to crawl – just happy with her circle of toys and all the laughter, and I can’t help but scoop her up to twirl and dance. And as we look in each others faces, her mouth widens with a squeal, and her eyes squeeze in twinkling crescents.

And I think, “We’re made for this.”
Each other.
And I wonder at how we got separated.


Oh, yes. This boy captures it. I told him not to put the nun-chucks in his mouth… and his eyes sparkle deviously as he pulls them closer to his lips. Cute, now. Not so cute, later.

Sin lies this same way: looks good, now. Separates, later. Casts us off alone. Hinders community. Togetherness. Each other. And everyone carries its scars.

But our Lord and Savior bore the punishment for us. Set His face like a flint to the cross where we find forgiveness. Our lives reset. Communion restored.

And it’s all because of Him.

A different kind of fall – reversed – so that we can wind down. Cozy up. Enjoy community, and live.


This is my first time linking up for a Five Minute Friday at its new home with Kate Motaung. The prompt: Because.

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  1. That’s lovely. And I love your example with the nun-chucks. Perfect. Happily visiting from FMF.

  2. Love your pictures and your words. It is all Because of Him.

  3. Oh, friend! So exquisitely written. The pictures, just gorgeous. What a blessing to be in community with YOU, because of what our Lord accomplished for us!! Truly beautiful. Love you!!!

  4. I am thankful to be community with you my sweet friend. Praying you are well!

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